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How old must my kids be to square dance?

kids There aren’t any age requirements for square dancing, and it can be a great activity for teen clubs, after school activities, church youth groups and homeschoolers. It can be a really great family activity once kids are old enough to participate themselves. In terms of active participation, kids in middle and high school do best learning the full spectrum of square dance skills and participating in square dance clubs. Teens and young adults are usually extremely quick to learn to square dance and can become interested in competitive levels of study including advanced and challenge dance. In fact, at our Alabama State Square Dance Convention there is a competition entitled “Last Square Standing” where squares are judged on how correctly they execute to a patter call. The current reigning champions for the last 4 years are from a teen club! Our NASDA sponsored classes have family rates for classes, and different clubs in the area also accept and encourage teen students!
If you have little kids - Congratulations! We know your life is wonderfully full, and you may not have time to fit in square dance as a regular activity right now. We hope that you will feel free to come enjoy our Newcomer Dances every time we have them (3-4 times a year). They are always a great opportunity to get out of the house and away from the kids. There are many more opportunities to dance if you can commit the time to learn to square dance and gain a high degree of proficiency (typically, about a year once a week). Then you can join or visit a club, or attend local dances which typically happens several times a month in North Alabama.

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